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              1. Chang Zhou Haipu Insulation Co., ltd.
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                Fiberglass Insulation Tape
                Fiberglass Mesh
                F Level DMD
                F Level Prepreg for Dry Type Transformer
                NMN polyester film aromatic fiber
                  paper soft composite material
                GHG Composite Material
                Polyimide film aromatic polyamide
                  fiber soft composite materials
                 Chang Zhou Haipu Insulation Co., ltd.
                 Add:Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Cheng Town Garden Village

                About Us

                   Chang Zhou Haipu Insulation Co., ltd. is specialized in producing various kinds of glass fiber insulation materials . Since the company was established, it has been adhering to the concept of customer first, constantly improving the product system, trying new technology and striving to get better and better.You must be satisfied as we are backed by our high quality products with reasonable price and considerate service. We sincerely hope to build wide cooperation with friends from all walks of life .For the common cause, we look forward to working with you hand in hand to make a bright future.

                Fiberglass Insulation Tape Description:

                1、Application:When fiberglass insulation tape is used on motor,it can improve its performance,make the machine safer and simplify the binding process.When used for transformer, it can reduce the vibration and noise of silicon steel sheet punching and shearing process.Therefore,fiberglass insulation tape is widely used in national defense, chemical industry, electronics, machinery etc.Some examples for you: winding high temperature and high voltage thin-shell, cylinders and high voltage vessels.It can also wrap low voltage chemical pipe machine, electric appliances, armature by replacing the magnetic alloy wire,capacitor, electronic products, big or small or medium-sized dc motors, generators, traction electric machine,electric welding machine,transformer hollow screw, tighten core , mutual inductor and reactor.
                2、Characteristics:This fiberglass insulation tape is made up of alkali-free glass fiber which has silane surface treatment, through the process of high temperature resistant thermosetting resin dipping and baking .The products wrapped by fiberglass insulation tape own reliable quality, the resin content of it is not affected by winding tension which can be controlled in different winding layers.So the products have the best strength and stiffness structure, simply to be used, and can be winded in high speed.All of these mean improving productivity.In addition, its tensile strength can be compared with alloy steel while the ratio is only 1/5 of the alloy steel.
                3、Use Method:The use method of these three binding tape is the same.In summer,you need move them out of the fridge for several hours at room temperature and it is time to use when the tape become soft.In winter, you can heat the tape in the oven with 60-80 ℃ for half an hour to an hour.The binding speed should be controlled under 50 RPM and the binding force should be 20 to 50 kg/cm2.When wrapped up to a specified thickness, the tape together with the object should be put in the oven for curing.The heat preservation needs one hour at 90 degrees and ten hours at 130 degrees .The heat preservation of F level tape needs 2 hours in 130 degrees and ten hours at 150 degrees.The tape should be stored below 30 degrees and the storage life is generally about three months.When it is over storage life,the products can only be used after testing.During storage transportation, it should avoid collision, humidity,exposure to sunlight and keep clean and dry.
                4、Transportation And Storage:The tape is packed by plastic bags and put into wooden cases .During transportation,you should strictly avoid collisions, extrusion, heat, humidity and exposure to sunlight.Polyester b products should be stored in dry and clean warehouse below 25 ℃. The storage life is three months from the date of production.Epoxy b products should be stored in dry and cold room under the zero and the storage life is one month from the date of production.When they are over storage life,the products can only be used after product standard testing.
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